frequently asked questions

6Kw to 20 kW (Approx.)

20 kW to 5 MW(Approx.) depending upon the sanctioned load at industrial units/Institutions

100 Sq. ft. per kW (Shadow free) Preferably RCC roof top but it could be set up on Hut-shape roof with approach provision.

Average 4-5 units per day per kw

Solar Panels 25 Years with Performance Guarantee (Inverter with 2-5 years' warranty, Batteries with 5 years' warranty, Covered in AMC mentioned below).

Yes, but generation could be reduced which can be fulfill automatically through Inverter by taking required power from Grid

Hybrid/off/onGrid, Polycrystalline solar panels having life of 25 years

A solar panel of 250w is having a length x breadth and thickness of 60x36x1.5 inch and weights around 18 kg. 1kW = 250w x 4 Solar Panels

No, there is no threat of damage from jumping of monkeys or hail storm as these solar panels are covered with toughen glass.

Solar Power required some referral power to operate, therefore if grid is not available then it needs battery/generator power. In that case Solar Smart Inverter will synchronize the available power through sensors by giving priority to solar power and last priority to grid.

Depend upon the appliances to be operated and hours of operation. It could be 1kW for household and 1000 kW (1 MW) for a big industry or college.

Virtually all, including machinery at factories, Air conditioners at offices/House, building

Regular cleaning of solar panels with normal water. Frequency of cleaning depend upon level of dust. If it's high do it on daily basis else once in a week is sufficient.

No, if there is no power cut

Rs. 13,000 per battery

Yes, funding for setting up of SSP is covered under "Priority Sector" as per RBI guidelines and normally it is available at an interest rate of 11.50% to 12% p.a. for industry/commercial entities and @ 9.75% a 10.50 % p.a. for Residence under the category of "Housing Loan" repayable in 5-7 years.

Drawing Design of the SPP after site survey.

Procurement of Standard/MNRE approved & specified Equipment's, which includes Solar Panels, Inverter, cables & Structure to mount the Solar Panels.

Setting up & Operationalization of SPP.

Free maintenance of SPP for one year from the date of commissioning and after that on AMC basis @ 1% of the project cost for on-grid and 2% for off-grid plant (i.e. with batteries).

Liasioning with concerned Govt. Departments to get the desired approvals from local DISCOM to get financial benefits in the form of Net-Metering, Incentives, etc.

9 am to 5 pm (Approx. 8-9 hrs. a day)